Ergonomics and Human Factors Design Competition 2020 (ErgoCUP2020) is biennial event organized by Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Malaysa (HFEM) with the objectives to instil the culture of ergonomics innovations and raising the awareness of ergonomics amongst Malaysian, the event highlighted the theme of “Optimization of Performance through Human Factors and Ergonomics’ Innovation and Intervention”. This ErgoCUP2020 is the third of its series and previous events managed to gather participants from both academia, industry and students with various backgrounds. Academia participants ranged from lecturers and students from both public and private universities in Malaysia while participants from the industry ranged from various background from electronics, manufacturing, automotive and many others. The competition had attracted participants amongst schoolchildren too as the future heir of our nation.


This year, ErgoCUP2020 is organised together in conjunction with SciCOSH2020 at KL Convention Centre on 7th & 8th of December 2020.

1. Competition is in the form of any product, design or intervention related to ergonomics.
2. Example:
•    Portable Ergonomic Stool (product)
•    ‘Smart’ ergonomics assessment method design (design)
•    Improvement of packing process to reduce manual handling activities. (intervention).
2. Participants may consists up to 2 presenters for each entries.
3. Each group must provide an A1 size poster for presentation. The poster design is free but should contain the information below:
•    Product / intervention title
•    Introduction to product title / design / intervention.(Introduction)
•    Objectives
•    Usefullness / contribution to the workers/organisation/industry/public etc.
•    Methods / Working principle
4. Participants must present posters and presentations and posters must be presented in one Language only either Bahasa Malaysia or English (on the first day of the competition).
5. For participants who qualify for the finals, they are required to make a presentation in the form of ‘Powerpoint’ slides within 5 minutes.

1. Participants must submit an abstract (maximum two pages including diagrams related to the product / design / intervention involved).
2. If an abstract is accepted, participants will be notified and participants will need to prepare a poster.
3. Participants are required to register and submit the latest version abstract to be placed in the program book.
4. The jury score will be taken in terms of:
•    Innovations
•    Ergonomics aspects (ergonomics consideration / aspects)
•    Cost analysis if applicable
•    Impact of the product / design / intervention (Impact of the product / design / intervention)
•    Presentation quality
5. The competition consists of two stages, namely the screening and the final round. Finalists will be selected based on the poster presentation on the first day of the competition.
6. The referee's decision is final.

A free coaching session will be offered free to all interested parties  in preparation of their participation in the ErgoCUP2020 competition. Details of the Coaching session are as follows:
Date: 4th November 2020 (9.00 am – 5.00 pm ) to  5th November 2020 (9.00 am – 1.00 pm)
Venue: Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Free admission to all participants & attendees. Registration open up to 90 pax.

Kindly contact for further information.

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